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what is a vpn

What Is a VPN?

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN helps you stay safe and private on the internet.

VPN servers provide a secure, private tunnel for your traffic on its way to its destination site. This changes your IP address, which boosts your online anonymity. PIA shields your physical location, so your activity can’t easily be traced back to you.

A VPN also encrypts your data. This stops snooping third parties from making sense of your browsing history or stealing your personal details.

What Can I Do with a VPN?

PIA VPN increases your online privacy and freedom, but that’s not all. You can also use PIA to:

  • Bypass ISP content-based throttling
  • Get better deals when you shop online by changing your virtual region
  • Avoid censorship and surveillance
  • Stay connected to e-services from home while traveling abroad
  • Unblock websites on restricted networks like at work and school
  • Games on servers in different regions
  • Stay safe while using peer-to-peer file-sharing tools
  • Block malicious ads and trackers

You can also use PIA to secure your connection on public Wi-Fi. That way, if a snoop or cybercriminal intercepts your traffic, they’d see nothing but scrambled data.

What Can I Do with a VPN?

Download the Most Advanced VPN

PIA’s extensive settings options make it the most configurable VPN on the market. You’re free to tweak your VPN encryption, protocols, ports, and more to your needs.

No Logs VPN

Multi-Hop Obfuscation

Route your traffic through an extra server to double up on your encryption. PIA’s Multi-Hop feature will also hide the fact you’re using a VPN, which can help you dodge annoying CAPTCHA detection. If you’re in a country where VPNs are restricted, switch on Multi-Hop to bypass VPN blocks.

Powerful encryption VPN

Advanced Kill Switch

Rely on our built-in Kill Switch to keep you safe on patchy Wi-Fi. If your signal suddenly drops, our Kill Switch will kick in automatically by cutting your connection, keeping your IP address and traffic private. The Kill Switch will disengage when you’ve reconnected to PIA VPN.

pia split tunneling

Split Tunneling

Choose which apps you’d like to run through the VPN and which you’d like to run on your unencrypted connection. You can also bypass the VPN by domain, encrypting only certain websites. This is useful for when you want to increase your online security but don’t want to run online games, work-related apps, or location-dependent services through the VPN.

pia split tunneling

VPN Automation

Set up your VPN to respond differently based on your network. You can configure PIA VPN to kick in automatically when connecting to unknown public Wi-Fi networks, and set it to disconnect when you’re using a trusted Wi-Fi network. Create your own rules in seconds — it’s quick, easy, and reliable.

Download and Set Up PIA VPN in 3 Steps

No matter which device you want to protect with PIA VPN, you can set it up using the simple instructions below. 

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Download & install PIA on your device

Step 3

Click or tap to connect

Get the Fast Speeds You Deserve

Get the Fast Speeds You Deserve

While some VPNs cause lag, PIA VPN is engineered for speed. You’ll get access to our NextGen 10-Gbps servers and the fastest VPN protocols, including WireGuard®. With PIA, you can retain ultra-fast speeds — even during peak traffic times.

We’ll never limit your bandwidth or cap your usage, meaning you can stream, game, and torrent endlessly without worrying about being cut off.

Full Transparency

You want to know your VPN does what it says it will do. Our VPN apps are 100% open source and use only the best open-source VPN protocols. You can inspect our code for yourself on GitHub.

PIA is also one of the only VPN providers with an independently verified, court-proven No Logs Policy. This is supported by our RAM-only servers that delete any traces of operational data upon reboot.

Open Source Transparency
Avoid Censorship and Restrictions

Avoid Censorship and Restrictions

Is online censorship getting you down? Connect to a PIA VPN server outside your country to change your IP address and unblock censored websites. You can connect to a server in any of our 153 locations around the world.

When you’re traveling abroad, your favorite streaming platforms and other e-services may change their content or block your connection. Getting around this is easy with PIA. You can connect to a PIA VPN server back home to mask your IP address and stay connected as if you never left.

You can even use PIA to encrypt your device’s traffic and unblock websites on restricted networks like at work or school.

Free VPNs vs PIA VPN

Free VPNs may not cost money, but you’ll likely pay with your privacy and user experience. Most free VPNs sell your browsing data to cover their costs. They also generally lack adequate privacy features, have sluggish speeds, and impose monthly data or bandwidth caps.

No Logs Policy

No Logs Policy

Don’t risk exposing your personal data with a free VPN. PIA never puts profits before privacy.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Browse as much as you want, whenever you want — unlike free VPNs, PIA won’t cut you off or slow you down.

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Get the ultra-fast speeds you need for glitch-free UHD streaming that free VPNs can’t deliver.

ad blocking vpn

Dependable Security

Get one of the most secure VPNs on the planet — free VPNs don’t have the resources to compete.

Block Ads & Trackers


Unlike many free VPNs, we don’t rely on ad revenue. We block pesky pop-ups and trackers on all devices.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Get help whenever you need it via live chat or email. No more fending for yourself with free VPNs.


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Generally speaking, yes — but only if you choose a credible VPN, like PIA. The internet is crawling with malicious services marketing themselves as legitimate options. However, they track your data, log your details, and use it for their own benefit.

If you choose PIA, rest assured all of our VPN apps are 100% safe to use. Regardless which device you want to connect, you’ll get military-grade encryption, a Kill Switch, No Logs policy, and much more.

If your ISP has a habit of throttling your connection when you stream, play games, or torrent, a VPN can help and boost your speeds back up. Connecting to VPN servers encrypts your data, so your ISP can’t see what you’re doing. As a result, it cannot slow you down based on your usage, letting you enjoy your regular speeds.

PIA offer the fastest VPN speeds, so you don’t have to worry about us slowing you down. We’ll bypass ISP throttling and keep buffering or lagging at bay whenever you connect.

No, it can’t. A VPN can hide your IP address as well as all of your internet activity, including what you download, stream, and search for. Your ISP may be able to see that you're using a VPN, but it won't be able to see what you do with it.

You have some options, but PIA continually outperforms most competitors. After 10+ years on the market, we’ve created a reliable and flexible product you can trust in. Want to see for yourself? Download PIA on any device and test it completely risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, we’ll give you a refund.

When choosing a VPN service, check its speeds and security features. Pay attention to encryption ciphers, VPN protocols, and extra protection, such as a kill switch or server obfuscation. A large server network is more likely to give you fast speeds. It also makes it easier to find a connection in your desired location every time.

PIA gives you all of the above with next generation server architecture and unparalleled security features. Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support team if you want to learn more about how PIA can protect you online.

Easy: log in to the app, select a country, and tap the “On” button. That’s it. Your VPN is now sending your traffic through an encrypted, private tunnel to protect your personal data, hide your location, and give you more freedom online.

If you’re more tech-savvy and want to tinker with your settings, PIA gives you the freedom to customize your connection. Our settings include multiple options for VPN encryption, protocols, ports, and much more.

Yes, you’ll find many free VPNs out there, but they're not a good idea. They typically offer limited protection, bandwidth, and servers, and may be free because their product is actually your data!

Alternatively, you can download PIA VPN for free, but you won’t be able to use it without an active subscription. However, once you subscribe to PIA you can enjoy a risk-free VPN trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee to decide if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Visit the VPN’s official download page and click on the operating system you want to use the VPN on. It’s always a good idea to run an antivirus scan to be sure of the app’s safety before downloading.

PIA VPN is completely safe to download on any device — as long as you use the links on our official download VPN page.

Probably. Especially if you use your phone on public Wi-Fi at cafés, restaurants, work, or school. These networks are an easy hunting ground for cybercriminals. Your banking or social media details could be pocketed before you’ve even ordered coffee.

Use PIA VPN for iOS or Android devices to ensure all data you send and receive through your phone stays fully anonymous and secure.

Unlike some other VPNs, we don’t limit your server access or lower the protection depending on the device. Our mobile apps are just as powerful as their desktop counterparts. And just as easy to use!

Open PIA’s official download page and select your PC’s operating system — we have VPN apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Wait for the installation file to download and click on it to launch the installer. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and log in using your PIA username and password.

Generally speaking, yes, downloading and using a VPN to protect your digital identity is legal in most countries worldwide.

However, it’s a good idea to check local laws before downloading a VPN app, especially if you’re currently traveling abroad. Some countries including China, North Korea, Russia, and Turkey ban VPNs and you could face legal consequences for using one.

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Disclaimer: Using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.


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