Enjoy Added Privacy With PIA's VPN For Opera 

Get more control of your security, privacy, and freedom straight from your browser with PIA’s VPN for Opera. It’s packed with great features like: 

  • IP address/location hiding 
  • Anti-tracking tools 
  • Webcam & microphone blocking 

*Requires Opera v52 or Newer

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The Only Opera VPN You’ll Ever Need 

No logs policy

Webcam Blocking 

Completely block all unauthorized attempts to access your computer’s webcam and microphone. 

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IP Address Protection 

Protect your IP address from being leaked or tracked – with advanced features like WebRTC blocking. 

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Anti-Tracking Tools 

Block third-party cookies and URL tracking to safeguard against data thieves and advertisers. 

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Smart Location 

Set per-website location settings for faster and more convenient access to geo-restricted content. 

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Ad Blocking 

Block ads and get protection from trackers and malicious websites with PIA’s “MACE” feature. 

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Fast, NextGen Servers 

Access the high-speed server network and the VPN protocols that make PIA the world’s fastest VPN. 

Simultaneous Access On 10 Devices 

Enjoy simple, easy-to-use VPN apps specifically designed for each of your devices. 


It’s Easy To Get Started 

Step 1

Purchase your plan

Step 2

Download the app

Step 3

Turn on PIA VPN 

Download pia vpn for opera browser

Download PIA VPN For Opera 

PIA’s VPN works with Opera version 52 or newer.

Why Is PIA The #1 VPN For Opera? 


With our 100% no-usage-logs policy, we won’t record or store any of your usage data — ever. 


All PIA VPN apps are 100% open-source, ensuring total transparency. 


PIA has 10+ years of expertise delivering the world’s leading VPN with outstanding customer service. 


Our VPN experts are standing by 24/7 to offer live customer support if you experience any problems. 


A global network of world-class servers optimized for the fastest speeds with unlimited bandwidth. 


One PIA VPN subscription covers 10 devices simultaneously, with dedicated apps for all major platforms. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Opera has lots of cool security features, but it doesn’t necessarily “keep you safe”. If you really care about your online privacy, security, and freedom, a third-party VPN extension like Private Internet Access will protect you much better.

Using a premium VPN like PIA will significantly enhance your online experience by hiding your IP addressencrypting your data, and allowing you access to restricted content. It can also help you bypass throttling by your internet service provider or network admin, giving you consistent connection speeds all day long. 

Opera's VPN is not really a “VPN” but rather an encrypted proxy service. It only works on the Opera browser, and it only includes three general location choices: Europe, Asia, and the Americas. So don’t expect to be able to unlock geo-restricted content with Opera’s VPN very easily. Low-cost, premium VPNs like PIA have encrypted proxy servers for browsers, but also lots of “real” VPN features like split tunneling and multi-hop servers. PIA’s Opera extension also adds features like webcam and microphone blocking, WebRTC blocking, anti-tracking tools, and a whole lot more.  

While Opera’s VPN is free, it’s got limited server choices, subpar protection levels, and slow speeds. There are many other free VPN extensions out there, but free VPNs usually only stay in business by selling user data or limiting speeds so that you buy their premium VPN. The best choice is to find a low-cost VPN provider with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, like Private Internet Access, so you can try it for free while still guaranteeing that your data stays safe and protected.

Not only is PIA one of the only premium VPN providers with an Opera extension, PIA’s Opera extension is surprisingly good – with lots of encrypted proxy servers from all over the world, extra anti-tracking tools, and even a built-in ad blocker.  

PIA also comes with 24/7 tech support, advanced settings and customization options, and full P2P support. And with one PIA subscription, you can use PIA on up to 10 devices – and all of PIA’s apps and clients are highly customizable, ranked among the fastest and most secure VPN apps in existence, and are all 100% open source, adding even more trust and transparency into the mix that any other VPN provider out there. 

Yes. You can try PIA risk free for 30 days. If after 30 days you’ve changed your mind, simply contact our customer support team and return your subscription for a full refund. 

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA Risk Free

Our 30-day money-back guarantee offers you 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

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Disclaimer: Using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.


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