Government Job Security Breach Highlights Need For Greater Security

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 by Joseph
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Proving that not even the government employees are safe from hackers and Internet security attacks, media sources reported that on August 13, 2014, more than 5,000 recruiters had their names and passwords stolen from The site, which labels itself, “… the Internets first secure dynamic ASP driven Job Board for US Government Employment” is just the latest in a series of reminders that security while browsing and using secure Internet connections is something that none of us can take for granted no matter which site and/or application we may be using. This breach only serves to further highlight the need to secure online browsing in order to protect yourself and your family from those looking to hack information from vulnerable locations. Lending itself to this point, authorities are concerned that hackers will now use the information gained from this hack to pose as recruiters to gather even more information from those looking for government employment from the popular job site.

Hacking popular sites or locations and stealing information has become surprisingly common in recent days. In fact, it was only 17 days ago, September 2nd, 2014, to be exact, that it was revealed that retail giant Home Depot was the target of hackers who had infiltrated the company’s virtual security, making its customer’s personal information. With its security breached, Home Depot revealed that an estimated 56 million credit cards had been hacked during a five-month attack on the home retailer’s self-checkout payment terminals. Hackers reportedly installed a software on these terminals, allowing them to steal customer’s information when taking advantage of these self-checkout payment terminals, unknowingly also transmitting their information directly to hackers as well. Customers shopping at the retail giant’s locations during this hack are thought to be at risk of having their data stolen, the latest of security hacks that also included security breaches at PF Chang’s, Neiman Marcus, and other well-known establishments.

Many financial institutions including JP Morgan Chase and others have already been taking proactive security measures by sending out notifications to its customers, alerting them to the breach while also issuing new ATM and debit cards to many of its customers in order to proactively protect their customers from the security breaches experienced by Home Depot. Some experts are proclaiming this breach to be the biggest in history, trumping the hacking of yet another retail giant, Target, whose breach resulted in a reported nearly 40 million credit cards being made available to hackers who cracked Target’s security.

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