Jimmy John’s Joins List of Hacked Large Businesses

Posted on Sep 25, 2014 by Joseph
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We learned this morning that several locations of the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich shops have been impacted by a security breach of customers’ credit and debit card data. In fact, Jimmy John’s reportedly learned about a possible security breach in their system on July 30th and hired a third-party investigator to contain the situation.

The company stated that the hacker stole login credentials from a vendor and used it to remotely access the point of sale systems of several corporate and franchised locations between June 16, 2014 and September 5, 2014. Approximately 216 stores have been affected by this breach in security. The security compromise is said to have been contained and that the company installed new encrypted swipe machines as well as implement other system enhancements to further secure their customers information.

Jimmy John’s is one of many chains that has recently been reported to have been a target of security breaches. You may have read about the breach at Home Depot where a reported 56 million customers have their data breached. Or perhaps you hear about the 40 million customers who had their personal information stolen from Target. The breach in security at these conglomerates was at a much larger scale. Why? Reports indicate that Home Depot was surprisingly lax with the security of their customers’ data, so much so that the security workers at some retailers suggested they pay in cash when shopping at the store.

With these recent hacks, many companies are taking extra measures to step up their security and so should you. Hackers are becoming bolder as the frontiers of technology are expanding ever so rapidly, which means that hackers are finding additional methods and targets to gather information from. A rapidly growing trend these days is the attack on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which gathers personal information from organizations, companies you do business with, and clients. What can we do to prevent hackers from looking at your data entirely? Using a VPN can solve your problems.

VPN companies, such as Private Internet Access (PIA), provide an extra layer of security on your data by encrypting it while it travels through the Internet space while providing you with a different IP address. This makes it harder for hackers to pick and choose your information that is free flowing in this space. These VPN services provide your data a boost in security and anonymity when traveling through the digital space. If you are untraceable, then hackers cannot target you as one of their victims. So while retail stores like Jimmy John’s are upgrading their data security, so should you. Buy VPN!


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