How to Make Traveling Easier by Using a VPN

Posted on Dec 5, 2018 by Summer Hirst
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traveling with a VPN

If you’re a traveler by heart, I’m sure you have already heard of VPNs. These nifty little software tools can offer you several advantages when it comes to travel.

Let’s see how a VPN can make life easier for travelers.


 Get cheaper airline tickets with a VPN

There are two ways in which a VPN can help you get cheaper tickets.

  1. Airfares are different in different countries. And depending on the place you’re booking from, you can be charged higher (or lower).

So for example, if you are planning to travel from the US to Mexico, it’s best to book tickets from Mexico as you might get a better deal this way.

Just use a VPN and connect to a server based in Mexico. This way, the flight booking website will think that the request is coming from Mexico and show you lower prices.

  1. Airfare price comparison sites will notice your IP, monitor your cookies, and will start showing you higher prices if you visit them a couple of times.

This is done to create a sense of urgency so you’ll assume that ticket prices are going up and will book immediately.

Just delete your cookies and connect using a different IP so the travel website doesn’t get to know that you’ve visited multiple times. You can switch to a different IP using a VPN.

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How to use a VPN to connect to local channels

If you’re missing out your favorite shows because your channel doesn’t allow your new IP to connect to it, don’t worry. You can use a VPN and connect to a server from your country to watch your favorite shows.

So no matter where you are, you can stay connected to your home country and get all the local news and shows. Missing out on your favorite shows on BBC because you’re outside the UK?

Not anymore. Just connect to a UK based server and use your BBC iPlayer to watch your favorite shows.

How to use a VPN to stay secure on public Wi-Fi

When you’re abroad, you’re forced to use public Wi-Fi. Whether you’re at the airport or at your hotel, you’ll need to use their wireless network. And we all know how dangerous public Wi-Fi networks can be.

To stay safe from hackers and snoopers, make sure you have a VPN on your device. A VPN will encrypt your data so if anyone is trying to listen to your conversations, they’ll get garbled data packets that won’t make any sense to them.

How to use a VPN to access censored content

If you’re visiting a country where certain content is censored, you can view it using a VPN. For example, if you’re traveling to China, you’ll notice that most social media sites are banned.

If you want to check your Facebook there, you won’t be able to do it without a VPN. However, since VPNs are also banned in China, make sure you install a VPN on your device before you land in China because once you’re there, you won’t be able to install a VPN.

While VPNs are used as privacy tools by most individuals, they can benefit travelers in many ways.

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