Can You Use Bybit in the US? Yes, But There’s a Catch

Posted on May 22, 2023 by Julia Olech

Bybit has taken the world of cryptocurrency by storm. With services in 207 countries and more than 10 million users, the platform’s 24h trading volume is said to be as high as $13.8 billion. However, US traders are yet to participate in this huge exchange as Bybit locked its market for everyone in the country

The decision to suspend Bybit operations in the US is directly linked to strict regulations and often unclear SEC actions when it comes to crypto trading. Simply put, the platform didn’t want to change its features to match US requirements. This included adding Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and storing your personal data within Bybit’s servers. 

You don’t have to go through FOMO whenever you’re in the US, though. We’ll show you how you can use Bybit with a VPN to trade freely and regain access to your crypto account when you travel.

PSA: While you can use PIA in numerous ways, we don’t support or condone breaking any laws or terms of service. Engaging in such activities may bring various consequences from getting banned to fines and other legal action.

What Is Bybit and What Is It Used For?

Bybit is an online cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform which allows you to speculate on future price movements of the assets you own or want to purchase. It uses a wide range of crypto-based assets, like futures, options, and perpetual contracts.

The main difference between Bybit and other crypto-trading platforms is the range of advanced trading options it offers. This allows for more complex trades, including speculating future price movements of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other assets. Bybit also offers up to 100x leverage, giving you a chance to temporarily control larger amounts of Bitcoin than you actually own. 

Unlike competitors, Bybit can also handle up to 100,000 transactions per second. This impressive rate ensures the platform’s servers rarely experience downtime — an issue present with many such services. This is especially important during large market shifts when traders tend to flood the market with orders, as it means the website won’t crash on you mid-trade!

Is Bybit Available Everywhere?

Though Bybit works in over 200 countries worldwide, select countries restrict or ban access to it. This is due to various reasons, like strict internet censorship or tight trading restrictions. Because of this, you can’t use Bybit in the following countries:

Countries Without Access to Bybit
  • US
  • Quebec and Ontario
  • Cuba
  • Singapore
  • Mainland China
  • North Korea
  • Uzbekistan
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine,like Crimea, Donetsk, and Sevastopol
  • Sudan

  • Certain Bybit features can also differ between countries where the platform is available. These regional variations include a lack of certain digital assetso and more. For specific details, check with Bybit to find out if your favorite features work in the country you’re going to.

    Why Is Bybit Not Available in the US?

    The reason is simple — Bybit chooses to disallow its services in the United States. This isn’t a form of discrimination against US traders though, as they’d very much like their business as well. Instead, it’s a direct result of strict yet hazy regulations enforced on the cryptocurrency market in the country. 

    Though governing bodies like the SEC and FTC work hard to oversee the US financial scene, there’s no formal set of trading rules for crypto at the time of writing. Existing regulations apply only after you make a profit, for example through selling a security. By default, the SEC would expect you to verify your identity, pay taxes, and more.

    In order to earn income from trading in the US, you need to undergo extensive verification processes known as Know Your Customer (KYC). This involves providing your full name, address, date of birth, and identity documents, such as passports and ID cards. 

    Bybit never required any of this information, letting you sign up with an email and password, which is also part of the reason it’s so popular. Since the platform didn’t want to change its verification requirements and lose customers, it is not currently accessible for people with a US IP. 

    However, Bybit is currently undergoing a set of changes to comply with tightening restrictions on the global market. This includes introducing a level 1 KYC verification for existing and new traders in every country. It could mean the platform might become a regular part of the US cryptocurrency market — but it’s too early to tell. 

    Can You Access Bybit With a VPN? 

    You can and should use a VPN to secure your Bybit transactions

    Yes, Bybit has no problem with its users connecting to a VPN prior to trading assets. This can help protect your cryptocurrency data and keep up with the market regardless of your location.

    Connecting to a VPN server swaps your IP address to one assigned to the server’s location. For example, a VPN server in Italy gives you an Italian IP no matter where you actually are. This is handy if going on holiday abroad threatens to lock you out of your Bybit account. One click of a button and your virtual location puts you back home and in charge of your assets.

    Using a VPN also comes with security features that help filter scams and data leaks. Most premium services offer top VPN encryption which wraps your traffic in layers of unreadable code. This hides your trading details from ISPs, network admins, and other unauthorized third parties, keeping your connection secure even on public Wi-Fi.

    A VPN with a good kill switch protects you from accidental leaks, which could happen if you use unstable Wi-Fi networks. If you connect to a server and a VPN detects your internet is about to drop, it will automatically pause your online activity. This not only protects your data but also stops Bybit from checking where you’re actually connecting from.

    Why PIA Is Great for Trading on Bybit

    PIA VPN has everything you need to trade on Bybit without limits. You’ll get fast speeds, security, ease of use, and access on all your devices to truly maximize your profits. No small print included!

    What makes PIA a top choice for Bybit is our global server network that lets you get an IP address from any country Bybit operates in no matter where you are. It’s extremely helpful when you know you might be traveling through a place without access to the trading platform, but don’t want to miss a trading deadline.

    Sudden changes and volatility go hand in hand with the current crypto market, so you always need to be up-to-date with what’s going on and have secure access to your assets. PIA uses a global network of NextGen servers equipped with 10 Gbps receptors. This means we made sure they can carry tons of traffic at the same time — so you won’t deal with slowdowns as you complete trades and stay informed. 

    PIA also improves your privacy and security while trading crypto. Your traffic is safe behind military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, which makes it impossible for ISPs, network admins, government agencies, and even cybercriminals to decipher your data.

    Our advanced Kill Switch ensures you can safely trade without revealing your IP address when you connect from the airport, hotel, restaurant, or any unsecured Wi-Fi. Regardless of how reliable your Wi-Fi connection is, PIA stops any leaks before they could even think about happening. 

    We use RAM-based servers in line with our strict No Logs policy to maintain your confidentiality. This means our servers don’t have hard drives, so they can’t log your data. Better yet, they get wiped every time you reboot your connection, giving you a fresh trading slate whenever you turn PIA on. Our No Logs policy is also independently audited.

    Bitcoin trading comes with enough risk as it is, so rest assured PIA won’t add any to your crypto life. Our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you sign up and test PIA with Bybit without being locked in a long-term contract. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund — simple!

    Quick Guide: Set Up PIA to Trade on Bybit With Ease

    1. Download the PIA VPN app on any devices you use Bybit on. PIA is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. We also have browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

    2. Click on your desired operating system, to download PIA on your device

    3. Follow the Setup Wizard instructions to install PIA.

    4. Log in using the credentials you signed up with. 

    5. Connect to a server in a country of your choice. You can either scroll through our list of available locations or search for a specific place where Bybit is available.

    6. Finding your desired location is easy with PIA

    7. Once your connection is up and running, you can open Bybit and start trading. Your brand-new IP address is now active and our encryption keeps your transactions safe from prying eyes.

    Download a VPN to Trade With Bybit Freely and Safely

    You don’t have to wait for Bybit to work in the US. Connect to a VPN server and log in to the crypto platform anywhere you are, including the US. Traveling won’t stop you from investing, mining, or staking on Bybit when you travel there.

    With PIA, you get military-grade encryption, a Kill Switch, leak protection, and an independently-reviewed No Logs policy, so you can rest assured your Bybit trades are safe. Our money-back guarantee gives you an easy way out if you change your mind. Get PIA and trade on Bybit wherever you are. 


    Can I use a VPN to trade on Bybit?

    You can and you should use a VPN when trading crypto. Using a VPN is like putting your data in an armored box. You can send it to Bybit, knowing no one can break through and steal the contents of the parcel or even find out where it’s going. This keeps your trading hidden from prying eyes even on public Wi-Fi networks!  

    What countries have access to Bybit?

    Bybit works in over 200 countries across the globe with the exception of the US, Syria, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, North Korea, and select other locations. This is due to various reasons, like strict internet censorship or Bybit’s refusal to comply with certain laws. 

    Though it’s unlikely the platform will cover all the countries at any point, it’s currently undergoing some refurbishments and might work in the US soon. You don’t have to wait for it though. Safely trade on Bybit with PIA whenever and wherever you want. 

    Is Bybit available in the US?

    Not at the moment. The US has very strict requirements for all crypto platforms within its borders, which didn’t work well with Bybit’s infrastructure. Since the service didn’t want to alter its features, it decided to suspend operations in the States

    If you’re traveling to the US and know your contracts might be expiring at that time, download PIA’s VPN app to trade and get the best deal possible. PIA comes with worldwide servers equipped with top-level security, letting you reconnect to your homeland and trade as you would normally.

    Can I access Bybit from the US with a VPN?

    Yes, you can use a VPN to change your location and hide your IP address. Connecting to a server in your home country will help you regain access to your Bybit account and avoid trading FOMO when you’re traveling in the US.

    Is it legal to use Bybit with a VPN?

    Using Bybit with a VPN is completely legal. The platform doesn’t look down on you if you protect your connection and you won’t face repercussions if you connect to a VPN server

    It gets a bit tricky with accessing Bybit in the US with a VPN. It goes against the website’s T&Cs and could get you banned. However, you have a right to use your existing account when you travel, even if it’s in the US. Choose a reputable VPN, like PIA, to avoid leaking your usage and avoid losing your existing profits.