Private Internet Access reveals physical locations of 35 geo-located regions

Posted on Jun 8, 2020 by Private Internet Access
private internet access expands network with 30 geo-located regions

Geo-located regions are rolling out to all Private Internet Access users in June, 2020. Private Internet Access made the decision to start offering geo-located regions as a way to re-enter regions like Russia and Brazil that we have previously had to leave due to regulatory reasons as well as a way to offer quality VPN exit nodes in regions where we were unable to source high quality VPN servers. These geo-located regions will allow us to expand our VPN network drastically and provide more diverse coverage than ever before – something that our customers have been asking for and we are now delivering in full.

All of our geo-located regions are marked in all of our desktop clients and mobile applications – and it is possible to remove them from the network list entirely if you would only like to use physical server locations. These servers will come online in the coming month as part of our highly anticipated VPN Network Expansion Plan.

List of Private Internet Access geo-located regions and their physical locations

The following VPN exit nodes provide an IP address registered to a geo-located region (shown first), but are hosted in a different physical location (shown in parentheses). As an example, when you connect to the geo-located of Algeria, you will actually be connecting to a VPN server in Amsterdam, Netherlands with an Algerian IP address.

  • Algiers, Algeria (Amsterdam)
  • Andorra (Amsterdam)
  • Yerevan, Armenia (Amsterdam)
  • Nassau, Bahamas (Hong Kong)
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh (Hong Kong)
  • Minsk, Belarus (Vilnius)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (Miami)
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Singapore)
  • Shenzhen, China (Hong Kong)
  • Nicosia, Cyprus (Amsterdam)
  • Cairo, Egypt (Bucharest)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (Amsterdam)
  • Nuuk, Greenland (Amsterdam)
  • Tehran, Iran (Amsterdam)
  • Douglas, Isle of Man (Amsterdam)
  • Astana, Kazakhstan (Amsterdam)
  • Vaduz, Liechtenstein (Amsterdam)
  • Macau (Hong Kong)
  • Valletta, Malta (Amsterdam)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Miami)
  • Monaco (Amsterdam)
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Hong Kong)
  • Podgorica, Montenegro (Amsterdam)
  • Rabat, Morocco (Amsterdam)
  • Lagos, Nigeria (Amsterdam)
  • Panama City, Panama (Amsterdam)
  • Manila, Philippines (Singapore)
  • Doha, Qatar (Amsterdam)
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia (Tallinn)
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Amsterdam)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka (Amsterdam)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (Singapore)
  • Dubai, UAE (Amsterdam)
  • Caracas, Venezuela (Amsterdam)
  • Hanoi, Vietnam (Singapore)
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  1. Anton

    I’m only seeing 4-5 geo-located servers in the server list, under all setting combinations (v.2.2 / v2.2 Beta 1, NextGen…). Are these being rolled out? Or I have to change certain settings to see the rest of geo-located servers?

    2 years ago
    1. Anton

      To be exact: 7 when NextGen is selected, 2 when it’s not.

      2 years ago
      1. Caleb Chen

        Yes new servers are being rolled out as part of the Expansion Plan. Thanks for your comment!

        2 years ago
  2. John

    I had no problems with the Mexico server. Is there a new law? Why is that server being removed to the U.S. of all places.

    2 years ago
      1. John

        From that –“We are leaving the Mexico region temporarily as we seek a new data center partner to work with”

        It sounds like it would be a very short period, but if so, why are you doing a Geo-located server?
        That makes it sound much more of a protracted period.

        2 years ago
        1. Caleb Chen

          The two are unrelated and there is no estimate on the length of the period. Thanks for your comments!

          2 years ago
          1. John

            How are the two unrelated?
            Why would you need a Geo-located server if you have a physical one?
            It does say “as soon as possible” but of course that doesn’t give us a clue.

            2 years ago
          2. Caleb Chen

            The rollout of geo-located regions was done prior to the temporary removal of the Mexico VPN exit gateway due to needing to switch partners. Stay tuned for more updates.

            2 years ago
  3. John

    I am connected to Romania because of its speed, and also I read somewhere that privacy issues were more favorable. Is this a good choice, and why isn’t Romania listed above?

    2 years ago
    1. Caleb Chen

      The Romania region is not listed above because it is a region with a physical VPN server and is not a geo-located region. Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat customer support if you have any further questions!

      2 years ago