Libsodium v1.0.12 and v1.0.13 Security Assessment

  Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction 2.1 ScopeĀ  2.2 Approach 2.3 Classification and Severity Rating 3 Findings 3.1 Summary of Findings 3.2 Overview of Cryptographic Design 3.3 Static Analysis Results 3.4 Dynamic Analysis Results 3.5 Detailed Findings 3.5.1 SD-01: Randomness source on Windows based on unofficial APIs only 3.5.2 SD-02: Possible null pointer dereference … Continue reading “Libsodium v1.0.12 and v1.0.13 Security Assessment”


  • Aug 16, 2017
  • PIA Team
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Libsodium Audit Results

Private Internet Access today releases the results of its Libsodium audit. Libsodium is an open source, cryptographic library that is used far and wide in projects such as Zcash as well as internal applications at Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access is proud to have another audited tool in its software suite. The Libsodium security … Continue reading “Libsodium Audit Results”