Windows 10 Homegroup Accessibility with PIA connected

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro x64. What I have noticed is that when I am disconnected from PIA servers, I can see other pc's on my homegroup, and they can also see and connect to my desktop (which is the only one currently running windows 10 and PIA).

However, if I connect to any PIA server, my ability to see or connect to the homegroup disappears. I CAN however still see each pc through the network, just not the homegroup. As soon as I disconnect from a PIA server, the homegroup and homegroup pc's reappear. My main network remains unchanged as a private network, so i am unsure what is happening here. Has anyone else had this problem and successfully resolved it? This problem did not occur with win 8.1.


  • Once I connect to PIA my home group will no longer work even after I disconnect and exit PIA.
  • Same here.  I had to remove the tap driver to use homegroup.  I reinstalled it and was able to access homegroup until the next restart.  What can I do to avoid this?
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    @javamantis I have just done some testing, and even with DNS leak protection enabled and IPv6 leak protection (the two options that blocks something and could cause other things to fail) I'm still able to browse my network without any issues with a fully up to date Windows 10 and a Windows 7 machine.

    I noticed that the homegroup disappears for a minute everytime the network settings changes (so when PIA connects and disconnects), but it seems to always come back for me with both machines connected to the VPN. Looks to be some general Windows weirdness to me unfortunately :/
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