Alpha version of PIA VPN App for Linux

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This is an early alpha version of the PIA VPN App for Linux.

Update Mon Nov  4 00:18:07 UTC 2013
Fixed issue with slow menu updates. New installer link updated below.

Update Tue Oct 29 23:21:05 UTC 2013

Installer now adds application launcher in ~/.local/share/applications with icon.  Installer and pia_manager now prevent you from running as root.  People with issues due to previously running the installer as root should run 'sudo rm -rf ~/.pia_manager /root/.pia_manager' and then re-run the installer without root.  New installer link updated below.

Update Mon Oct 28 20:16:43 UTC 2013

Added support for 32bit systems.  New installer link updated below.

Update Mon Oct 28 14:47:36 UTC 2013

Changed systray icon to use new App Indicators API which should work without any of the previous tweaks and support more panels.  New installer link updated below.

Here are some notes on it:

- Should work on 32 and 64bit Linux
- Should work on any system that supports the App Indicators notification area system (most modern Linuxes)
- Has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04/13.04 32/64bit stock installs
- The installer will apt-get install two dependencies: 'libjpeg62' and 'libxss1'
- The installer will create an application launcher entry in ~/.local/share/applications
- The installer will create an entry in ~/.config/autostart for automatic start on login
  - But this can be controlled through the app as usual
- The installer will create a ~/ script for starting the app from a terminal
Currently only works on 64bit Linux
- Ubuntu 13.04 with Unity needs a PPA installed to re-enable the systray in Unity
  - The installer will ask if it can do this for you

- It will work with Gnome Shell but the 'Notification Area' applet must be added to the panel so the systray icon shows up
- The installer will modify the Unity systray whitelist to 'all' so the PIA icon shows up

We expect there will be many edge case issues that we'll have to fix.  We'll be using your feedback here to find all of them.

To get it:
- First download it here
- Then open a terminal and run:
  - chmod +x
  - ./
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