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It was requested, so now it exists, feel free to stop by, you'll find me in there most of the time as one of the ops.

IRC Network: irc.freenode.net +6697
Channel: #privateinternetaccess

You'll find me in there as Snipa, my common nick on Freenode.  If there's any issues or questions, feel free to post about them here.  We do suggest that you look at getting SASL connections and a host-mask if you're concerned about privacy, or simply connect over the VPN!

This is a company operated channel, all support is still officially handled via the ticket system, however, you'll find members of the PIA team in here on a regular basis (I never leave for example).  Anything related to your account or specific issues should still be submitted though: http://support.privateinternetaccess.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit  The IRC channel is mostly for nonofficial support and quick answers to questions, much as the forums are.

mod edit: This is an outdated post but wanted to add that I too will be in the IRC channel as sn0wmonster to help where I can. It is still recommended that if you have an urgent or serious issue that you use the support ticket system, as it has the best chance of having the most eyes on it. -sn0wmonster
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