Private Internet Access and Digital Rights Activism Post

We here at Private Internet Access care deeply about privacy and digital rights.

First and foremost, we fight for privacy by building a product that protects millions of people around the world. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. That’s why we’d like to announce some of our additional initiatives to protect your privacy:

  1. We’ve setup a sustaining/recurring donation of a large dollar amount to the EFF.
  2. We’ve setup a sustaining/recurring donation of a large dollar amount ($14,000.00/month USD) to Fight for the Future.
  3. The respectable defender of our civil liberties and creator of the political Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, has joined Private Internet Access fulltime as Head of Privacy.
  4. We continue to donate to open source projects and privacy activism groups and campaigns everywhere.

Plus, we’re blessed to be able to continue with the responsibility of protecting the privacy of society. Thank you for giving us this

The Private Internet Access Family


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    Thanks for giving us this information. My respect for this company just increased a lot.
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    I agree. This is great news. We appreciate the contribution PIA is making to ensure our privacy is protected.
  • Thank You PIA
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    Very shrewd move hiring Rick Falkvinge. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Falkvinge and look forward to seeing evidence of his contributions to the company policies of PIA. Please explain the duties and scope of powers that the "Head of Privacy" has.

    I'm also glad to see PIA making such prudent donations. Of course since it's going to 501c3 organizations it's all tax deductible, so for a company as profitable as PIA it winds up costing PIA nothing anyway. But much better to see it go to such worthy causes rather than the US Treasury.
  • Privacy is a right that we should receive.
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