Having problem connecting on iOS/Android but connecting fine on Win/OSX

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I have a WD my cloud at my house and most everything besides standard web-traffic is blocked at my school. I need access to FTP so i can work with moving content back and forth to my home NAS eliminating the need for me to carry a HDD to school to store my video production content for class which up until recently all VPN's werent blocked (Even my own OpenVPN Access server). My problem is that i can fully configure the Mac and Windows client to connect using port 8080 udp and it will connect to the PIA network (All PIA TCP ports are blocked by the iBoss DPI firewall) but i can't get either iOS clients nor Android clients to connect. Why might this be? On the android version i can select UDP 8080 but it still wont connect. On iOS ive tried the OpenVPN files, PPTP and L2TP manually to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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