[Feature Request] Option to disable "Desktop Notification"

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I think the new "Desktop Notification" feature in v59, on the whole, is a great addition. However, I was a little surprised to find that I could not disable it.

There is no option to disable desktop notifications within "Settings". It also seems to be in-app given that there is no PIA option under the OS X system notifications preferences pane.

It would be great to turn these off. Not the end of the world, but I personally have notifications turned off for every app heh.

I'm using OS X 10.11.5

Thanks for the great work, PIA.


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    Hello Passivo,
    We're glad to hear you like the new update!

    As for your suggestion of being able to disable the notifications, we have sent this to our developers and will evaluate it for future versions.

    Thank you for your input, we appreciate it.

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    Yes option to disable Desktop Notification is needed,

    Can't do it in th OS notification settings?

    Th icon changes colors this is notification enough, and update nags are a nuance  when you're busy doing something else.
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    couldn't agree more!!   What's the downside of having an option to disable the OSX desktop notifications, like every other app has?  As klyntone noted, the notifications are redundant -- the menu bar icon gives all the information you need.

    Also, the notification banners are awfully big and crude - and unprofessional looking.  If you're going to keep them, I'd suggest making them look more professional.

    Thanks for the consideration!
  • Adding another vote to include the option to disable the new connection notification.  Thanks!
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    I've registered to add my vote! (Thanks!)
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    Yes! High priority! Puh-lease! You're glaringly horrible status popups are breaking my eyes.
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    I would like to add my "voice" to the request to have the option to disable desktop notifications in the program. Watching the PIA icon (in the system tray) go from faded green to bright green is good enough for me. The notifications are big and unsightly imo.
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    Please disable this I'm getting flooded with disconnect notices when my mac sleeps
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    Is there no way to remove these notifications? They appear to be coming from the app itself. Please fix.
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    Please make this an option, I cannot stand it. Extremely intrusive and distracting, and completely unnecessary. Looks very amateur. Whoever on the PIA team decided to add this bullshit is a fucking moron.
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    One more vote for removing this feature altogether, it adds no value whatsoever when connecting or disconnecting, the only use case that it may serve a purpose is if a connection has been lost (although this should be carefully implemented, a laptop sleeping is not the same as a lost connection). At a bare minimum, give the ability to disable this annoyance.
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  • I vote to remove this please, or give us an option to disable it, or tie it in with native notifications for OS X. 
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    Seems the PIA application even overrides the Windows 7 taskbar notifications settings by forcing these popup messages on the user. Please add the option to disable these horrible, ugly popup notifications!
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    +1 yes please remove the distracting notification!!!
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    Yes PLEASE provide an option to disable this. The notification is large and cartoonish - and makes it obvious that I'm using a VPN from quite a distance.
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    This definitely needs to be disabled as soon as possible.  I really do not like someone shoulder surfing me being able to tell I'm using a VPN.  They also don't seem to reliably disappear on their own.  Literally registered just to post this.  Get rid of it, there's too many other VPN services to choose from to leave a simple request like this hanging for over a month.
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    +1 vote from me goes to "Remove/have an ability to disable notifications"
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    Same on Windows. Remove the SHIT.
    Sack the moronic developer who coded it and the dumb ass suit who signed it off.
    I have gone back to versiuon 58 while I test out the vpn opposition.
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    Yes, remove this feature. It is annoying.
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    Same here, please allow us to disable the notifications.
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    Please disable this redundant feature or at the very least provide a 'disable' option. I am spammed with notifications every time my mac goes to sleep. (OS 10.11.5)
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    +1 Registered just to ask this feature be manually selectable.
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    +1 I also registered specifically to request the ability to turn off desktop notifications. Pop-ups like this are enough to make me cancel my account and use a different service instead. I suggest implementing this change quickly. 
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    Agreed. It would be nice to disable the notifications.
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    Hi Timmy,

    This is now possible in the newest release (v62) of the PIA app, which you can find on our website here.

    You can toggle this behaviour with a checkbox underneath the username and password fields.
  • This is a bogus addition to your software. To say that "you will evaluate it for future releases" seems disingenuous at best. You can't be serious.

    Not only should we be able to turn this off, it should be an opt in service only, as it's really not a feature that any of us would choose to have turned on. 

    I will easily consider using a different VPN that PIA because of an action like this. It shows you do not care about the user experience.

    While I'm at it, why don't you write your app so I can update it without having to download the app, launch the updater, quit the running app, and go through all that, when other apps take care of this for me? 

    It makes me question the ability of your business to do things right, and I am relying on you to do so much more than to make my experience using your software not suck. What else are you not doing right?
  • I really dislike these pop-up notifications. I get 3 of them stacked on top of each other. Please put in a disable option or get rid of this redundant, useless, annoying, distracting nag feature. I'm sorry I updated and if there was an easy way to roll back to the old non-nagging version I would.
    I love PIA and have been using it for 2 years, please don't start nagging your users with this kind of junk.
  • I just installed the new version and it has an option to turn off the notifications. Good work guys!
  • RayRay
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    Folks, perhaps you didn't get the message some of us don't like notifications. Especially a barrage of them.

    With v.62 I have a notification saying v.63 is available. Oh, I have another one. And another one. Yet one more. That's in no more than 15 minutes of browsing.

    I don't have a short term memory problem. Nor do I want to upgrade as the change is not sufficient motivation. So I assume I will get a constant stream of these until I either update or abandon PIA.

    Please, tell your coders we don't need, or want these banners. Or, make it part of the usual Notifications process the OS handles -- so we can simply turn them off.

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    Hi Ray,

    Sorry about this, I'll make our development team aware of these notifications and see what we'd be able to do about it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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