iPad VPN allows local network access, which is not expected or desired

I just signed up for PIA VPN, installed the iOS app on to my iPad and I see that it works, including giving me a different ip address to external web sites.

I also expected that the VPN tunnel would prevent me from accessing my local intranet, such as my internal website, NAS, etc.  But the opposite is true.  I can still run iOS apps that access websites on my local network and safari allows me to log into my local web devices/sites.  And, I seem to be able to ping the iPad as well. 

I expected ALL traffic to go through the VPN tunnel, and instead there seems to be a split tunnel going on.

Is this by design?  Or is something misconfigured?

Also, my local network is using the 10.X.X.X subnet, if that helps..



  • I'd say this is by design.  Most people would still want access to their local LAN.  Though I am surprised disabling it isn't an option, especially for situations like cafe, hotel or conference shared wifi.
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