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Hi everyone,

I recently signed up for PIA's VPN so that I can watch movies on Popcorn Time.  Yesterday I watched a movie and today I wake up and my internet is disabled because Verizon said that I have violated my terms of service for illegally torrenting a video.  I had to watch a video to acknowledge that I would not do it again.  I obviously don't want this to happen again and am a bit nervous.  I assumed that PIA protected me in this very instance since it does say so on the main webpage.

My questions are: 

1. Why did this happen with PIA? Did I do something wrong?
2. Is there something I need to do to enable P2P or PPTP torrenting safely?
3. Is there an alternative to Popcorn Time I should know about to avoid this?


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    first off, no internet provider ( especially Verizon, who I understand are kinda lax on these things ) are gonna disable your internet for watching 1 movie...you would get an email saying you what you downloaded and don't do it again for like the first 4 times...so either you've gotten hammered with DMCA notices in the past already, or you're another VPN provider on here trying to scare people away...second..if you had the killswitch enabled with the VPN, this could not have happened....only thing I can think of is you did not have the killswitch enabled, and when you were watching your movie, the VPN disconnected and your IP was exposed...but your movie would have stopped playing when this happened, wouldn't it???...sorry, I'm not sure I believe you, but if you are sincere, make sure to use whatsmyIP to make sure you are connected to the VPN before using Popcorn Time, and then when you're done, check it again...if it's the same VPN IP; it did not disconnect while you were watching

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    Thank you for your response.  Not another VPN person.  Just first time using a VPN period.  I didn't know about the advanced settings until you mentioned the kill switch.  I assume I should check all of the boxes in the advanced settings?  Preventing leaks, small packets, etc.?

    Any other tips to not get notices?
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    Kill Switch and Port Forwarding are probably all you need. Small Packets may ruin your connection speed.
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    OmniNegro said:
    Kill Switch and Port Forwarding are probably all you need. Small Packets may ruin your connection speed.
    just wanted to make sure this solution to my (and others who mentioned it on reddit) problem with killswitch not always working, was posted in killswitch discussions:


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