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Hey there,
Just wondering about the iOS app and why it doesn't seem to have all the same options as the Android app.

I just saw a screen shot of the Android app, which appears to have most of (if not all of) the same configuration options available as the Windows desktop app.

I want to be able to change the ports PIA is using on my phone, like I can in the Windows app - and like it seems the Android app is able to do.

I'm also interested in the "use smaller packets" option that isn't available in the iOS app.

I just upgraded to the newest version and was hoping to see these changes (only difference I can tell is that MACE has been added).



  • iOS has much greater restrictions on what it can and can't do than Android has.  PIA are limited to being able to configure iOS's already existing VPN options and provide an easy interface to connect/disconnect with.

    As I'm just learning today, OpenVPN and a few other companies have been granted deeper iOS access than PIA have, and are able to add further features.  But the interface is quite old, makes me wonder how decent it is.  Especially as PIA don't promote this method all that actively.
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    iOS apps many not have all features that Android has. Android is much more flexible than iOS devices. So, If you want to get any paid application for free, you can directly get it from Appvn iOS app store.
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    Hi Johnny,

    One of the reasons behind this is that our iOS app uses IPsec rather than OpenVPN (reasoning here in our knowledge base, roughly along the lines of what Sheep has said). Because of this, there aren't as many options available in our iOS app around selecting connection options such as smaller packets, simply because those aren't available.
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