Private Internet Access™ protects you from Microsoft Windows password leak

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There is an ongoing issue with all versions of Microsoft Windows that can be used to compromise your Windows login credentials and/or your VPN login credentials.

All a hacker needs to do is direct you to a malicious page or service in order to snoop your account login and the NTLM hash of your password. For a weak password, the NTLM hashing is easily defeated. You should always assume that if your password hash has been compromised, your password has been compromised. The leak can also be used to view VPN account login information.

The vulnerability was first discovered in 1997 but wasn’t considered an issue at the time and was never addressed by Microsoft. Since Windows 8 and Windows 10, a Microsoft account has become the default way to log on to your Windows account as well as other Microsoft services, greatly exacerbating the potential damage from this issue.

Private Internet Access always puts the privacy and security of our users first, we have made configuration changes to prevent this leak from happening over our networks. We are now blocking ports 139 and 445, and all of our customers are protected from this potential leak irrespective of the clients they use.

Your Microsoft account and your VPN account logins are protected from this attack vector when you use Private Internet Access VPN.

We thank ValdikSS for raising the alarm on this vulnerability.

Privacy is our Policy.

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