now is the time to fight the media manipulation machine AND for free internet, vote trump

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trump is the only one who will oppose globalist forces and also try to steer us out of war and save whats left of our rights for the time being.

hillary WILL PASS the TPP and is just lying saying she is against it. they are running a smear campaign and lying about trump. The TPP is tyrannical on issues of internet freedom, the sell out of jobs wholesale, human rights, access to medicine, and other horrible monopolistic NWO goals. the media has even outright said in the economist he can disrupt a liberal world order. this is real folks. 

trump is the only chance of fighting against this within the system right now.

I emplore you all to look into the alternative media, convince as many people as you can. dont believe the lies.

wikileaks is supposedly gonna nail her coffin pretty soon... lets hope its good!
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