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I recently reimaged my PC and I need help setting up the PIA proxy in uTorrent 3.4.8, which I'm trying to use in addition to the VPN.

I have the checkmytorrentIP.png torrent but it says "Proxy connect error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." It was working fine before I reimaged my PC.

In Preferences>Connection, I have 'Randomize port each start' and 'Add windows firewall exception' checked.
Under Proxy Server I have Socks5, Proxy: nl.privateinternetaccess.com Port: 1080
I have my PIA x00000000 username and password. 
'Authentication', 'Use proxy for hostname lookups', 'use proxy for peer-to-peer connections' are all checked.

I contacted PIA support and the response I got was:

"Thank you for contacting Private Internet Access. 

The SOCKS 5 proxy server we offer is not the same as using our VPN service. The proxy server is not encrypted, and does not offer the same security as the VPN does. 

For maximum security and privacy, we strongly recommend using our VPN software."




  • I would try generating a new proxy username and password and then configure uTorrent with the new username/password and see how you go. 
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    can anyone help me please, iv have set proxy settings up in utorrent  as directed by some on the forum with username and password but have no idea weather im being tracked or not, cant use the vpn as every time i connect with pia i get disconnected from the internet after 5 minutes, so bloody over it, am downloading at 1.8mb's as we speak with no dis connection after 20 minutes, hopefully iv done it right but would love some help
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