Setting up Anonabox with PIA

I have recently purchased an Anonabox VPN router. It comes with Hide my Ass already preconfigured, but I prefer to use it with PIA which I have used for several years, and am very happy with.  I am wondering if anyone has experience of this device and can give me easy installation tips? It also has facility for OpenVPN/OpenWRT set up, but it looks complicated. Many thanks


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    I second this request please, anyone able to help?
  • I'll add my voice to the chorus... it would be greatly appreciated if PIA could have someone come up with some quick instructions on how to set up my Anonabox to use PIA instead of the default  "Hide my Ass" VPN.

    If someone here could come up with instructions... I would be happy to cross post the info to the Anonabox site forums as well.  

    Thanks in advance!
  • I've got the same problem. I'm really satisfied of PIA VPN and I do not want to change. But unlikely if there will be no way to set up anonabox easily with PIA I'm going to reconsider and change to anonabox supported VPN . Unlikely I can't afford 2 vpn fee....
  • Please! Surely someone has an answer to this question!
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    Why don't you try asking Anonabox support, as they clearyl say it is compatible with "other VPN's"
    When they tell you how, you can come back here and post the solution!

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    Me too!  I've been using PIA for many years, thought they were always the best.  I decided to pick up an Anonabox Pro since I'm currently moving around a lot.  I thought for sure PIA would be supported... cannot believe it's not.  HideMyAss, here I come.  I'm going to see how dual-layer VPN works, PIA on my ubuntu laptop connected via WiFi to AnonaboxPro->HideMyAss... I'm ultra-paranoid.
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    Just verified.  All instructions are for a MAC, please extrapolate and change for your OS

    In MacOS, you can just use the built in terminal application. 

    1. To open the Terminal app, click Go in the top menu, then select Utilities, then click The command for MacOS is "ssh root@"

    2. Once you are connected by ssh, you will need to get your .ovpn config file from the VPN provider on to the device ( If you open the .ovpn config file in a text editor and copy all that text, then in the terminal with the ssh connection going type: "cd /etc/openvpn" then type "vim pia.ovpn" It will open up a new file, press any key to switch to 'edit' mode, then you should be able to paste the contents of the text from the ovpn file into it. After that, hit the ESC button once, then type ":wq!"  Which will write the changes to the file.

    3. Copy over the .crt and .pem files

    After that, just type "openvpn ./pia.ovpn"  If all goes well, it will run the config file and you will be connected , and that's it!

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  • Hello, I have been following your post an having the same issue recently I configured my Linksys Wrt 1900 acs router with Pia and really I'm new at this. I do have a Anonabox Pro searched through out the web for info regarding setting up Pia on the router I've even emailed their support team waiting for a reply hopefully today sometime. But found nothing else so far.. Will post a solution if they get back to me..
  • Oh yes, thanks to the forums support team I would never been able to setup my Linksys Vpn router with Pia....without them I would of been lost for sure...
  • Well, so far Anonabox support didn't reach out to me as of yet regarding setting up pia on their router they may not either because of conflict with their advertisers or partners associated with main product or I could be wrong...
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