Router as an access point to share VPN connection possible?

I have an old router and I want to know how to configure it as an access point to share my VPN connection (pc VPN connection → access point → smartphone) to connect my smartphone, it is possible, thanks


  • bbobbo
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    I really want to do that but I don't know a single f*ck how to do it, that's why I am here :-), please, thanks.
  • gymgym
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    Check if your router can run one of the third-party firmwares available - DD-WRT, Tomato, or OpenWRT. You'll have to install whichever one you choose on your router first, and then you can come back here and follow the official instructions for DD-WRT or Tomato, or search the forum for how to do the same on OpenWRT. Happy hunting!
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  • That is also what I'm like. But the way to find third party safety?
  • Unless the router supports WRT then answer is probably no.

    I believe you can set-up your pc to share the VPN with other devices but I would't recommend it.

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