Adware.OutBrowse.Win32.74012 in the PIA installer

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I have just downloaded the new PIA installer and checked it on

The new installer_win.exe has Adware.OutBrowse.Win32.74012.

Please comment on the finding. I am paying for this application and do not want to have malware, adware and viruses, etc. coming with it.

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  • I also saw this when checking with virus total. The older version have the same flag as well.
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    Hi everyone,

    This is a false positive – we don't bundle any sort of adware or any other malicious software with our application. I've reached out to Zillya regarding this false positive and will see what they say in response, sorry for the issue.
  • So, you see VirusTotal scanning with 55 products, and 1 of them flags it ("Zillya" no less--WTF is "Zillya"?), and you believe it's a legitimate detection? That's the kind of user who downloads legit software, gets an FP with their free crapware AV, then runs right over to and posts about how awful and onerous and malware ridden the site is, when in actuality it's a crappy AV product's FP. Too late, damage done, legit small-time software vendor has to spend three weeks fighting the slobs at MyWOT to overturn the bad rating.
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