Checking the version has become even more difficult

I had forgotten whether I had updated my laptop from V62 to V63.
* Things have changed.  The only way now to get Settings up seems to be to disconnect the VPN first.  Then you go through the all the previous rigmorole — get Settings up, change to Advanced, and peer into the screen trying to work out whether the faint grey type says 62 or 63.

Am I missing something?  As far as I can make out:
* Hovering on the system tray icon doesn't get the version.
* No other item on the system tray right-click gives the version.
* Windows Programs and Features helpfully lists the PIA version as

Please could you sort out the clunky GUI.  There is also the problem that you can't disconnect using the keyboard, but you have to reach for the mouse and then travel way up the top of the resulting list to click the 'disconnect' item.  More generally, one should be able to drive the programme using the keyboard.



  • I agree, and made the same comments a month ago. It's positively stupid.
  • Thanks for that.  I had missed your earlier post.  Hopefully they will fix it soon. 

    It may help to state clearly and straightforwardly the problem this causes for PIA:  Only a very few of us (and certainly not me) are knowledgeable enough to judge the security of a VPN, so instead one looks at what one does understand — in this case the ugly and clumsy screens and the lack of keyboard control — to make a judgement about the skill of the programmers.  Quite unfair, but true.
  • I only meant to point out that they should already have heard from someone that this is an issue. I wasn't whining that you were duping my post. What's also irritating to me is that none of the main binaries are digitally signed nor even have version info inside, so you can't even check that way. How much effort does it take to type a version number in a properties box before compiling?
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    Hi Surfer,

    We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with the UI of our app. As our developers are always looking to improve both the functionality of our application, and user experience with it, I have passed along this post to our development team.

    We always value suggestions from our community, and I'll make sure our team has a good look at them.

  • Thanks for that, Administrator and Blue23, and please do take my comments as constructive, and respectful of the enormous work that it takes to sustain PIA.
  • Also, can I request you put the version nunmber on the installer file - thanks!

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    I have had to roll back and forth through versions a few times to resolve connectivity issues, and can now no longer tell which version is installed. The only good news is that I can now connect and seem to no longer be getting dropped.
    How do I find the current installed version number?
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  • It's still total madness in V65, and you still cannot get it from Windows 'Programs and Features', but for the record, here are the steps:
    1. First you have to disconnect PIA, so first close down the internet and email.
    2, Then right click the PIA system tray icon, and press Disconnect.
    3. Wait for the little red man to stop covering up your system tray..
    3. Then right click again on the PIA system tray icon, and press Settings.
    4. Then click Advanced at the bottom left of the resulting PIA screen.
    5. Then peer into the grey and try to work out whether it says 55, 56, 65 or 66.
    6. Then press Simple, then press Save to get out.  (Why not Exit?)
    7. Then right click the PIA tray icon, and press Connect.
    8. Wait for the little grey man to stop covering up your system tray.
    9. Wait for the little green man to stop covering up your system tray.
    10. Now you can launch you internet and email again.
    11. Do you still remember what the the version number was?
  • Hah, yep it's pretty ridiculous. I just hope they don't take the low road and put the version number in the tooltip, because 1/2 the time, tray icon tooltips don't work at all for me.
  • Thanks again, Administrator, for your remarks.

    What is needed is a thorough rewrite with the keyboard user in mind, so that everything can be done without reaching for the mouse.  There are many things that every amateur PC user can see immediately are astray.

    I do think it is reasonable these days to ask that commercial software accomodate mouse users completely, and at the same time accomodate keyboard users completely.
  • Thank you, Surfer.
    My apologies, as even after reading your initial post about the faint grey type in the lower left corner, I failed to see it before.
    It turns out that v65 for Windows 7 Pro was running for two days without any noticeable issues until my computer locked up and I had to restore from an old backup. I am now back to v63 and waiting for v66 or better.
    Add my vote to PiaVipper's request for a more informative details.

  • Could the developers please add the version to the web page, so customers know which version they are about to unleash on themselves?
    There seems to be no way of knowing ahead of time when the newer, non-v65, version is available, short of downloading, installing, and then suffering through hours of troubleshooting an already known problem.
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