PIA Client v65 very bad

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Yesterday immediately after my client connected, a popup came up that a new version is available. I was using version v63 on Windows 10. I ignored it but it came up again later on. So I checked on your site and found that client version v65 is available so I downloaded it and installed it. But only after the installation that hell broke loose on my vpn connections. The client wouldn't come up in the system tray and worse I couldn't connect to the Internet. Normally after the update installation, it picks up the settings from the previous version, starts and appears in the system tray and connects (auto start and auto connect are enabled).
I checked the Task Manager and noticed the following:
1. Two "pia_manager.exe" processes running (normal).
2. Two "Ruby interpreter" processes running (normal).
3. No "nwjs" process was running even though 3 of them are supposed to (something is wrong).
4. No "openvpn.exe" process was running (something is wrong.)
So I manually started the client while watching the processes in the task manager and I observed the following:
1. Three "nwjs" processes appear for less than a second then they all disappear.
2. No openvpn.exe appear.
I uninstalled client v65 and the TAP driver thinking maybe I'm not supposed to install it on top of a previous version (even though in the past I have installed a newer version on top of an older version and it has worked without any problems). I turned the machine off for a few minutes. I turned it back on then re-installed client v65. I observed the same behavior as described above. I tried manually starting the client but it did the same thing as before. I checked this forum but there was no announcement about client v65. However there was an announcement dated September 21 about client v64 with comments from customers which happened to include complaints about client v65 not working correctly. Because of the announcement date of September 21, could this be for client v65 instead of v64?
Due to the complaints from customers that client v65 has issues, I decided to remove client v65 and install client v63 that was working fine. After installing client v63, it wouldn't work either, it is behaving the same way as client v65. I removed it and reinstalled it but no luck. So right now if I want to get on the Internet with that computer, I have to do it without VPN, this sucks really bad when I'm are aware of all the risks involved. Fortunately I have another computer with Windows 10 and client v63 and this is how I'm able to get on the Internet and report the problems that client v65 has caused to my machine.
I have concerns about your new client version procedures:
1. Do you always test a new client version before before posting it?
2. Was client version v65 tested before it was made available for download?
3. From the customers comments about client v65 problems, it looks like v65 was not tested before it was released. Could you please confirm this.
4. Have you always posted a new client version without testing it?
5. Can you imagine how many customers could be out there with their computers broken by client v65?
6. What about those computers that won't work even after reverting to the older client version like mine?
7. I'm very disappointed that client v65 broke my vpn connection. Why can't you put warnings on new client versions so that subscribers could install them at their own risks?
8. Do you think it will be a good idea to have two categories of client downloads, "tested and stable versions" separate from "beta versions"? And also point the "upgrade available" popups to the "tested and stable versions"?
I will appreciate answers to my questions.
Thank you.
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    Hey agbaladome

    I apologize for the issues that you are experiencing with our latest update!
    The issues you could be experiencing could relate to the manner in which you removed our application.
    We have a specific set of instruction as to how to completely uninstall our program prior to a fresh re-install.

    Please try reinstalling the application, and all services and files associated with it, via the process outlined below: https://helpdesk.privateinternetaccess.com/hc/en-us/articles/219498647-How-do-I-uninstall-reinstall-the-PIA-app-on-Windows-

    If this doesn't solve your issue, please send an e-mail to helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com so that we can thoroughly investigate for you!

  • I'm sticking with v63 for now as well.  I suspect they've broken things for quite a few customers with the new always-on DNS leak protection and it's taking them a bit of time to realize that it might be financially beneficial to unbreak it.
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  • Blue23,

    Thanks for the help. I uninstalled the client the way it is described in the instructions. I had had problems with the client many months ago and one of you sent me the same instructions. As v65 wouldn't work, I uninstalled it using the same instructions, then re-installing but no luck.
    But I wonder why you didn't answer any of my questions.

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    I was also on v63 when I chose to upgrade to v65. After the upgrade, several of my applications requiring VPN connections from specific locations no longer worked. I followed the instructions on how to uninstall old version and then install new version, but the VPN did not work like it did before the upgrade. Please fix connection issues in future upgrades. Due to this issue, I am forced to stay on version 63.
  • Same here. Wasting my time with trash "update". PIA, how are you going to make up for this? Cost me several hours dealing with it and having to skim through your site to find others with the same problem but not addressing it directly?
    Is v64 any good? 

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    I installed v65 over previous v64 and all is working well.
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