Disable Version Upgrade Notifications?

Is it possible to disable the recurring "Version Upgrade" notifications? I have desktop notifications disabled in settings but I still keep getting the PIA pop up every few minutes telling me to upgrade. I don't want to upgrade and would like to stop the pop up notifications.

I am running Windows 8.1 Pro.

Thank you.


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    Hi sj221,

    We do apologize, however in order to make sure nobody misses important updates that could compromise their privacy and anonymity, it is not possible to disable this notification. The only way to remove it is to update the client to the latest version. The last few releases only contained bug fixes, therefore we would strongly encourage you to update your software!

    if you require any assistance with the upgrading procedure, please feel free to reach out to us by e-mailing helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com

  • @Blue23,

    Thanks for the response but let me put this another way. I have lost confidence in the PIA application and will avoid upgrading until I am sure the new release doesn't break something or introduce super annoying "features" like pop-up notifications that cannot be disabled, which is exactly what happened with the initial release of version 64. Now I am getting Google search pages in Chinese. Have a look at the latest "Desktop applications release [v64]" release thread for more examples of problems related to new releases. Most modern applications have a way to disable checking for new versions for these exact reasons. PIA should not force users to endure spammy messages on their desktops nagging them to upgrade.

    In summary, I think PIA has lost its way and I don't trust it enough to blindly upgrade the minute a new release becomes available. I have already spent far too much time researching ways to fix these annoyances than I care to. I will not be recommending this product or renewing my subscription if these issues are not resolved soon.

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