Gift Card Problem anyone?

Have tried for several days to register with PIA using a prepaid Visa Gift Card ( Australian).

Continually get "Card Error" message when submitting registration.

Contacted Support who have tried to help, and I followed their suggestions to no avail.

Today purchased another prepaid Visa Card - expires 3/18 - same problem

Both cards have sufficient funds and work in EFTPOS machines/ATMs and with another VPN provider ( also in US).

Last September took out 12 mths registration with a prepaid Mastercard ( not specified as a Gift Card) but these are no longer available.

None of these cards require registration, therefor have no name or address associated with them - They are truely anonymous as I can use any name and address.

Anybody have similar problems?

Anybody else have similar problems.


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    Found this today after an hour of Googling


    [quote]Q:  Do you accept gift cards from non-US countries (such as Canada or Australia)?

    PayGarden is integrated with USA gift card networks. Some international brands use the same network and therefore work with PayGarden, but this is on a brand-by-brand, country-by-country basis.

    The only guaranteed way to know if we’ll accept your gift card is to type the number in to the payment form and receive an offer. If you have an international gift card and are wondering if PayGarden will accept it, just type it in. Your gift card will not be impacted unless you accept the offer.

    If you are thinking about acquiring a new gift card and want to know how to get one that is guaranteed to work with PayGarden, see this question


    explains why my 2 gift cards fail wih "card problem" message


    info on PIA site that links to above

    I also read somewhere that PIA cant be paid for with a Debit Card



    [quote]Q:  Will pay garden accept my pre-paid VISA or MasterCard gift card?

    No, these pre-paid VISA or MasterCard cards operate on different networks from store-brand cards such as Target and Best Buy. PayGarden does not accept pre-paid VISA or MasterCard gift cards. If your card has a VISA or MasterCard logo on it, we are probably not able to accept it.[/url]

    The above info needs to be indicated directly on the PIA sign-up page in my opinion.

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    SOLVED-- dloaded PIA App ffrom iTunes to my iPad Air2 (wireless only) via my modem router, AFTER updating my iTunes account with one of the abovementioned prepaid gift cards.

    From App made in-app purchase of 12 mths subscription - copied ne usename and password and update PIA App on my linux PC and my iMac - all good now!
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