peerblock + vpn

Let's cut to the chase. 

VPN is enabled, DNS and ipv6 leak etc all's set correctly. I used to confirm it. 
Then i turned on peerblock and noticed that it blocks a lot of websites, well that's kind of what it does.  

But now explain something to me. Is it supposed to block anything when VPN is on? 
I mean, i should be connected only to VPN servers and peerblock shouldn't be able to see which websites i am accessing. Right?

I am new to this thing, so there's that..



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    Hey @cutthetrack

    Thank you for reaching out!

    To answer your question, yes, PeerBlock still can see everything. A VPN only creates a virtual network card on the computer whose traffic gets encrypted before being sent through the real network card.

    PeerBlock running locally, can still see the traffic as it enters the virtual NIC just fine; PIA only protects traffic outside of the computer. Local protection is practically impossible to achieve, as PIA would need to run above the permissions of PeerBlock (or antivirus software for that matter), which can't easily be done.

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  • It blocks most things, I use it myself. Only because of it's ability to block HTTP connections, I use Powerdvd and despite numerous attempts to block it in the windows firewall it still calls home. But I find the the block HTTP connections in peerblock actually blocks powerdvd from calling home, it is why I still use it. Have a quick read here. it may answer some of ur questions.
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