Error 4601 on Amazon even when using a VPN

Are you using a VPN to watch Amazon Instant Videos and Amazon Prime videos from abroad? Are you still getting error 4601 as you try to watch? 

Me too!!!! seems to learn from their “big brother” Netflix when it comes to their steps against proxy and unblocker services. The basis of the problem is as follows.

  • If you try to watch an Instant Video or an Amazon Prime video on from abroad, you will get an 4601 error message telling you that it can not be watched. Your geographical location is the problem!
  • As a result lots of people use different VPN providers with servers in USA to get themselves an American IP address. As a consequence will believe that you are located in the USA, and you should be able to watch Amazon Videos anyway.
  • Recently seems to block lots of IP addresses provided by VPN providers. It doesn’t matter if you actually have an American IP address. If the IP address you use is on the “block-list” of, you will still get the error 4601 message.
Dear support, tell me what to do...
I really need to understand what are my options!


  • Have the same issue. What's the point of using VPN if you can't watch Netflix and Amazon Prime?
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    I have the same problem, anyone know of a solution?
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    There are only two current solutions.

    1.  Don't use the VPN while trying to watch these services.

    2.  Set up the VPN on an internal router, and route only the devices that need VPN services through that router, and route your other devices and requests to the other router. 

    There are simpler solutions on a site by site, or IP by IP basis, but when you can get a pool of hundreds of IP addresses from Netflix, it's not a viable solution.
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