Help With Port Forwarding and Plex on Mac

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I am using the desktop client for PIA on a Mac Mini which is running Plex Media Server.

When the PIA client is turned off I can access my Plex Server outside my network just fine, but when I turn PIA on, I can no longer access it.

This is when I have PIA turned off:


...and this is with PIA turned on:


Okay, so I use Sweden server on the PIA Client and have port forwarding turned on. The open port is 28604 as seen here:


And it is confirmed open in my Network Utility:


Okay, so I set my router to port forward the Plex port to this port:

(Hell, I even did it both ways to be 100% sure)


Okay, so everything should be good to go, right?

But I still get the error that I cannot connect outside my network.


Any ideas?
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  • Your best bet is to not route plex traffic over VPN, there are lots of problems with Plex and VPN because your network interface IP addresses are published to the Plex website so that it can determine when devices are on the same network, but with the tun/tap interface it doesn't know which device's IP to use and other stuff.  There is instructions on how to do this buried on the Plex forums.
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    Bump as well. There has GOT to be a way to do this. 
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    I have exactly the same problem, was someone able to find a fix?
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