Out of control Captchas (18+ clicks) when using PIA

In the past few weeks the number of captchas I'm encountering on PIA has got to ridiculous proportions.

I just signed up for THIS forum and only solving that one needed 18 clicks! First click the pictures with door numbers then the ones with storefronts.. but after each click a new picture appears so you have to keep going and going.

Today I tried to visit a forum that has images from various image hosts and the page loaded full of missing images. I had to open each image in a new tab, solve multiple captchas and refresh the original page to get it to work.. total clicks required to view a webpage, over 40!

I subscribed to PIA for a year, but find in order to actually use the internet I have to turn it off.. so thinking of cancelling my subscription.

It is only me, or are other people having this issue too?


  • KatKat
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    Hello December,

    I apologize for the issues you are having with reCAPTCHA/CloudFlare.

    These blocks are occurring because the IP address you were using at the time appeared on a list of blocked IP addresses issued by CloudFlare, which the website you are trying to access is using to screen users.

    If a given site or service decides to act upon this blacklisting, that is their choice and prerogative to do so. Our IPs will appear on these lists frequently; this is simply a reality of internet use. If you are unhappy with this development, I would suggest you contact the site in question and inform them of your concerns.

    That said, it is possible for you to whitelist individual IPs when they're blacklisted. This can be completed by doing the following steps:

    While connected to the VPN with the affected IP address, go to the website below:


    • On the form that appears, under Your Email, enter 9@9.com, or any fake email address of your choosing
    • Under Whitelist Reason, choose Owner of a Dynamic IP address
    • Notes can be left blank
    • Enter the Captcha as shown into the box provided, then click Whitelist

    A message should appear indicating the whitelisting has been completed for the IP used for your connection.

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