Why can't i watch Netflix with PIA?

I know that Netflix has probably banned VPN usage but why does it have to be such a big issue i mean come on it's just netflix for goodness sakes anyone else feel the same way as i do?


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    Maybe its just me, but if someone has an account to watch movies on Netflix then Netflix already knows who you are when you signed in and it will not make one bit of difference if you are using your ISP connection or via VPN. I use Netflix on my regular ISP connection, I have a Netflix account I paid for and I use it so they already know who I am from my payment information so why would I want to try and hide behind a VPN to use Netflix and pretend i'm all anonymous and hidden? I'd just be fooling myself and no one else. So why not just watch Netflix without the VPN and enjoy the benefits of the account you paid for instead of wasting your time trying to find a way to use Netflix on VPN? You didn't follow the rules and lied or used subterfuge in establishing the account in the first place did you? Netflix is a business, and like any business they are free to set the rules for access to their products and if you want the product then abide by the rules and pay for it. The sad part is people wasting their time complaining about something for which over neither they nor PIA has any control. If your in another country area that Netflix does not service, then they simply offer no service for that area. Because people have used VPN's and proxies to access Netflix in the past and accessed the service for what ever reasons from those areas not serviced by Netflix its not necessarily the fault of Netflix as they too have to abide by various laws internationally which may not allow Netflix access for the area and people in the area where its not permitted for what ever reasons try to use proxies and VPN's to access Netflix so the only choice Netflix has to to ban/block those access methods to remain compliant with various laws. The next thing is pirating, people used proxy and VPN access on Netflix to get movies for purposes of pirating them. If I were a merchant like Netflix I would not appreciate people taking a product I put resources into intending to make a profit, and then have those people simply spread it all over the internet for free and thus circumvent and take my distribution rights to the product, so yeah, I would try to stop the access methods used to do that as well.
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    On the one hand, you are totally right supporting Netflix’s policy for banning users with vpns. I understand they want to protect their privacy rights and save the profit. On the other hand, being a vpn user and trying to watch Netflix, I want accessing to full content library with no issues. I was a little upset seeing my vpn banned. Now I’m searching for another one which is able to bypass restrictions. I’ve heard that Opera provides its own vpn service for free (here I’ve read https://www.bestvpnrating.com/news/new-opera-browser-comes-surfeasy-extension). Does anyone use it with Netflix? I suppose that it may help us. 

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    I didn't say I supported it. Its just that in business sometimes with multiple pressures from different angles like affecting income, usurping distribution rights, the law, rights groups, original owner entities, etc...) the only thing a business can do is broadly 'ban' the activity access which affect those. It just so happens that VPN and proxy use affects those and there is no way to be 'selective' and single out legitimate customers. Thus, broadly banning VPN or proxy access, there isn't any other choice.

    The common 'internet' public perception, emotional and circular self serving semantics arguments, and what seems like the self serving common child like understanding and arguments of the legalities involved with their "i want it so there is nothing wrong with taking it" attitude doesn't hold for business. For business the only thing that matters is controlling and continuing the distribution of the product according to the contracts and agreements, and the law, as this is how their income is generated. When you have, for example, rights groups or original owners who can decide if you can distribute that product or not and control the income share of that distribution you do what is necessary to protect and control that distribution and in this case that happens to be broadly banning VPN or proxy access. So yeah, if it were my business I would try to stop the access methods used to affect that.

    The matter of you wanting to use the VPN on Netflix is not an argument that's valid for Netflix. They provide a method for legitimate customers to use Netflix, and if you are a legitimate customer then use the access method they provide. It does not do any good to cry or complain about it or blame PIA or anyone else, no one else controls the access method except Netflix and if they do not allow VPN or proxy access then that's it and end of argument.

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