Virtual Private Number to receive Text

Hi everyone,

maybe somebody has a great hint for me.

I am a traveller, switching countries every month or two. To receive transaction numbers from my bank, I would like a private phone number which receives text messages and displays them after login, only to me.

Of course I would like that to be free.

Closest to my goals so far was, it's not free but according to their description, it would do what I want.

After lengthy internet research, I found a lot of offers where everybody can read the text that was received, not an option for banking, and a lot of expensive offers for private numbers.

Does anybody happen to know a good way of getting hold of a phone number which can receive text messages and can be accessed online cheaply or free?

I already have several VOIP numbers, none of which can receive text messages. I also carry a german SIM card which is roaming enabled, which works fine for most countries, but not for all. (e.g. Cambodia apparently has shitty mobile network integration and does not allow my operator to register to the network). I always buy a local SIM card, but again, not all countries work (e.g. my Cambodian number simply receives no text messages from outside Cambodia. Same was true in the Dominican Republic.) I already tried to get Google Voice, but they changed their account creation procedure, so even with a US phone number and a US IP address it won't work, if you don't give them a US mobile phone number which can receive their verification call. My callcentric account is a US landline number, which is no longer accepted by google.

So what I'm looking for is:
- Virtual number
- Able to receive text messages
- Private number, no access to messages by public
- As cheap as possible, I'd be ready to invest like 50 us cents monthly.

You may see that I've tried a thing or two. So if anybody knows anything, I'd appreciate it!
Thanks a lot!


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    - As cheap as possible, I'd be ready to invest like 50 us cents monthly.

    "50 us cents monthly"? LoL :)

    did you mean like (up to) $50.00 (fifty US dollars) monthly?

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