FaceTime and PIA

Has anyone had problems with PIA and FaceTime on OSX? I saw some had issues with it in iOS. I couldn't sign in at all even after closing PIA, since I had killswitch enabled. I had to reboot and connect FaceTime without PIA running in order to sign in.


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    I can connect via FaceTime with at least one number in the US but not with others now (which used to work). So the VPN connection is good, it’s just that some phone numbers won’t connect anymore. Is this an issue that others have encountered? 
    In the country I log in from, FaceTime (though not Skype) is systematically blocked, but using a VPN always got around that, and still does for at least one number in the US that I call regularly, whereas others that I try to connect with now do not go through. The mystery is, Why/How are some FaceTime numbers blocked but not others, and is there a fix?
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    Same problem. Can't facetime with vpn connected on my iPhone or Mac. Is there any solution PIA can address?
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    A bit of new info: one of the numbers I could not connect with via FaceTime continues to fail with the recipient's iMac and iPhone, but turns out to work with his iPad. This suggests to me that the number is not being blocked externally, but rather that some corrupted file on the recipient iMac and iPhone is the culprit...
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    MacOS 10.12.5
    PIA VPN Client v.70.0.0
    - settings: US-East, all default

    Hi everyone, 

    We're experiencing the same issue. All Apple FaceTime calls will not establish a connection. Error: "Connecting......"

    No modification to the App's settings resolves the issue.

    Workaround: native L2TP configuration on the MacOS client allows FaceTime to function normally. However performance is not as good.

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