VPN Blocked on Three UK?

Over the last month I have started to experience an issue with the PIA Android App.

When I load the app while I am connected to 4G, it says my username and password is incorrect.

It does not happen when I am connected through the WiFi.

Here is a screencast of this happening on my phone:

I suspect the Three UK network is somehow trying to block usage of PIA on their 4G? 

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues with the Three UK network?


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    have you cleared data?
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    From the looks if it I think what happened is that the bruteforce protection on your account was accidentally tripped. If you close the app for a bit over an hour and try again, it should work. If this is a problem because it happens too frequently, I would recommend using the OpenVPN Connect app in the meantime, which connects to OpenVPN directly and doesn't suffer from this issue.

    If it is indeed the bug I think it is, the issue is known internally and we're investigating why it does that. The only issue is that we need to reliably reproduce independently as there's no logs to look at to say "Oh, that's because the app does X and it shouldn't". I can manually trigger it but we've yet to identify what the app does that triggers it. So far I suspect it's just an auto-retry routine that quickly exhausts the login attempts, so nothing to worry.
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    I'm seeing similar things on Three, when I visit https://www.privateinternetaccess.com I get a unknown site from safari.
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    Three U.K. Follows Chinese blocking principals
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    My experience would confirm Three somehow blocks or throttles VPN's, not just PIA
  • Three are blocking several vpn's , its been getting worse recently , as more are being blocked ,
  • Yes 3 block PIA so the way around it is to login to the VPN client on Wifi then once logged in switch to the Mobile data & then connect.
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