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I am on an iPhone and have had numerous issues connecting to PIA since switching from AT&T to T-Mobile. From what I've read this is due to T-Mobile enforcing IPv6 connections. Apparently if I were on a phone running Android, I could just modify the APN settings to switch to IPv4, but iOS no longer allows this, or rather the carrier settings don't. Anyone with the same issue? And more importantly, anyone with a possible fix? 


  • I am also having this issue as well, and thought it was just me.
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    Hmm, I would be surprised if T-Mobile would force IPv6 only on their network as there is still many, many services that are not compatible with IPv4 yet. That would be a really bold move on their part to break over 80% of websites and apps on the web. If you had no IPv4 at all, you wouldn't be able to access PIA's website and forums.

    I would think it's either a quirk with the way 4-in-6 addresses are handled, or a NAT that doesn't support IPSec VPNs (IPSec sometimes require specific configuration to allow it to pass through).

    I would recommend one of these two options (in order):
    If that still doesn't work I would recommend contacting support for more assistance as we don't always have time to look at the forums. If you contact support I would recommend linking to this thread as well so they have context and don't suggest the same things again!
  • So Using the OpenVPN client that you suggested, (i had it installed before) using the settings recommended, I was able to successfully connect. The protocol used to connect automatically selected was UDPv6. So it seems that T-mobile is forcing ipv6.. Any chance the iOS client will be upgraded anytime soon? I liked the force function of connecting automatically as i transitioned from wifi to cellular day to day, without having to turn on and turn off the connection, except when at home.
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