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Hey guys,
Long story short, I wanted a hardware VPN appliance that could handle my traffic.  I recently purchased a Cisco RV325 to be my base router and handle my VPN connectivity.

So... I am trying to get it setup and feel I am missing something silly.  I normally work in the enterprise space and figured this would be a simple "get 'er done" but alas...

Attached you can find two screenshots of my config.  I feel like something is missing but don't see it.  Any thoughts?

As an aside, these VPN routers are relatively cheap and a pretty decent alternative.  Anyway, thoughts appreciated.image image

Edit... apparently my imgur links aren't working...

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    What are you trying to achieve? If you want to use PIA to encrypt your traffic, then you want the  "OpenVPN" menu in the Cisco GUI.
  • Sorry, I thought it was obvious. I am trying to setup a hardware vpn connection.  For the moment, I am going to limit it to a few servers / subnet on my network but if it can handle it I'll try for the entire network.

    With that, the ovpn settings appear to be more for creating a ovpn server, not connecting to one.   See imgur links.

  • I have the same router and trying to connect my home network to PIA service. Did you ever get this router to work? If so, could you post the screen shots for the cisco router set up.... Thanks
  • I have been looking at ways to connect an RV320 using the OpenVPN client to PIA. It seems that the Cisco RV320/325 OpenVPN is only for creating and OpenVPN server with OpenVPN clients connecting to it... and that's all.  
    I was hoping like 'theknub' above to find use OpenVPN as a client to connect to PIA. I think that process is a no-go but I would love to be corrected if there is a way to do it. 
  • Oddly enough my ASUS home WiFi Router has an OpenVPN client built in and it can connect to PIA just fine... However, the CPU on most home routers is not fast enough to do any  encryption in build.  With no VPN on... I get about 350 GB download.
    When configured to access PIA using OpenVPN my speed drops to 31 GB download. The CPU on my ASUS is 1.5 GHz... but it's like an Intel i7 that could get the job done easily. 
  • To get the horsepower necessary I thgout about using a small form factor PC with 2 NICs, onboard and 2nd Onboard NIC. 

    Sophos has a Free to use at home version of UTM. I thought about seeing if this firewall installed on Windows might allow an OpenVPN connection installed on Windows. Not sure that works, but here is the link:
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