Private Internet Access adds South Korea servers

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Dear Beloved Customers,

We have recently launched our South Korea Region/Gateway. It features multi-gigabit connections through Asian and US backbones. We know that you have been waiting for a long time for new server expansion, and we thank you for your patience! Stay tuned for more news about Private Internet Access's network expansion.

Don't forget, you can now access the PIA network through our new Google Chrome extension. Check out our new Private Internet Access Google Chrome extension here:

Thanks again for choosing Private Internet Access!
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    Dear PIA customers,

    When using the South Korea server, keep in mind that Korea blocks a lot of websites, and while they can't track you while you're using PIA, they can definitely try to stop you from connecting to a website the government has blacklisted.

    When attempting to access a blacklisted domain, you will be automatically redirected to (shown below), the default splash page for the government's blacklist program. While the symbols on the page may be intimidating, it's merely a reference for citizens to report suspicious or illegal internet activity to the relative Korean government branches.

    Sites they blacklist include known pornography sites, sites they believe could have pornography or anti-government discussions (perhaps Tumblr or Reddit), known gambling sites, and obvious North Korean propaganda sites.

    If you're having trouble accessing a site from our VPN in this country due to censorship blacklists, try connecting to a different country's server instead.
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