Vuze Warning: Vuze UDP is unbound (We'll try to fix this) (UDP is leaking my real IP address)

NOTE: I'm not using the PIA VPN client.

Im trying to setup my Vuze client with VPN and followed everything according to this guide But, if Im not connected to PIA VPN client my UDP is leaking.

With out using PIA client, I get the following warning message:

⌘ Warning: Vuze UDP is unbound (We'll try to fix this)
✖ Can't determine VPN's local IP

and my HTTP outbound and TCP outbound are fine(displaying IP's from different country)
UDP is showing my real IP  :(


  • Same problem here. Any solution?
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    Hello did either of you get a solution for this I have the same issue and cannot solve it?
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    Anyone find a solution to this yet?
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    Instead of jumping on the tail end of an old post, start a new one. Give specifics as to what you are doing and what you are using. Include where you determined the IPV4 leak was show. If you were never taught this is school, you must have the who, what, where, when, and how in order for someone to help. Not just it doesn't work.
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