PIA VPN connects when I'm on cellular but not on Xfinity

PIA VPN works just fine on my iPhone when I'm connected to my cellular carrier.  But when I turn on wireless and connect to my internet provider (Comcast/Xfinity) I just get time-outs and no connection on my iPhone.  My Windows 10 desktop connected wirelessly to Comcast/Xfinity works fine (although I had to change the remote port to 53 to get it to work).

Is there a setting on the iPhone that I'm missing?  (Using the OpenVPN instructions from PIA VPN also results in no connection.)


  • More information:  when away from home and connected to an Xfinity hotspot, PIA VPN works fine.  So that appears to suggest that it must be something in my home wireless set-up.  But I have no idea what would need to be modified.
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