What antivirus or security suite works well with PIA?

I was running Kaspersky Internet Security.  Immediately after the latest update, PIA stopped working or worked so slowly it was essentially useless.  I played with Kaspersky settings for hours to try to get PIA to work again but was unable to do it.  In the end, I had to completely uninstall Kaspersky from my computer and reinstall the tap driver in order to get PIA working again.  Currently, I am just using the security essentials program that comes with Windows 10.  I was wondering if someone could recommend an antivirus program or security suite that plays nice with PIA.  I had 10 months left on my license for Kaspersky but I can't use it if it's incompatible with PIA, which seems to be the case.  Any suggestions would be appreciated but I'm not personally a fan of McAfee or Norton and would prefer something that works well, doesn't screw up PIA and is relatively light on computer resources.    


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