Connect to PIA with direct IP

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The network I'm trying to use a VPN on has a block for websites like PIA, HideMyAss, and other sites like this. I know for sure if I were to try to use PIA on this network, it would not work because it would not be able to connect to a domain. 

In the past, I have used this free iOS VPN called Onavo Protect which works on this network, since the VPN connects to domain, which the network filter apparently has not blocked. 

I have tried manually adding an IPSec VPN on the iOS VPN settings and copied the VPN connection details from the PIA app's profile, and tried manually connected with the "mysafety" key and using my certificate with one of the direct IP addresses from the NYC PIA server. Both times I got "VPN server did not respond" error.

Is there any way that I could use the VPN without trying to establish a connection to 

EDIT: Never mind. The VPN works on then network as expected.  I don't know how to delete the thread. Sorry. 
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