Android app data usage while VPN is always on?

I saw a post similar to this but it didn't have an answer. I've been trying out the PIA app (latest version from Play store) on Android 5.1 with VPN settings set to always connect, kill switch enabled and auto connect on start enable while on a wifi only device. I've made sure that no apps are running while connect to wifi and that PIA always auto connects. Running also looked good with no ip/dns leaks.

Now when looking under the data usage in the Android settings I can see that the PIA app has majority of the data used as expected, multple GBs. But I also see that the other apps that I've been using while on VPN only also show as using data but only at a few MBs each or less. What is this data being used by the apps and is it leaking outside of the VPN connecting somehow which could cause a security risk or reveal true IP addresses? Do other Android PIA users see the PIA app as the only app listed under data usage or what should be normal here?

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