OpenVPN 2.4 Dedicated IP

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Based on I decided to give OpenVPN 2.4 a try. What prompted me to do this was finding an IP address that was not blocked by a couple of site I visit, namely one being Craigslist. I did a search on PIA dedicated IP use and found the answer .

I followed the directions and downloaded the files needed to use OpenVPN (without the aid of the PIA Client). Configuring took a little while because all the info was not in one place. Also I had to shut down the PIA Client which when reacquiring the server, lost the IP I wanted. I did copy it down though so all I had to do was find the associated server IP. This was basically a math problem. I pinged the server, saved that address in OpenVPN config file and got the assigned address for my use. Doing some simple math I figured out what server address assigned me the 173.x.y.z address that worked on all the sites I visited, without blockage.

Initial testing show I was getting too many DNS address. However, using IPLeak showed 5 DNS address while DNSLeakTest only showed 1 DNS. Regardless, I felt that IPLeak needed to agree with DNSLeak. I searched again to find the answer for the OpenVPN config. Found the answer and change the config file. Only one DNS now appears with both DNSLeak and IPLeak testing.

Now all I have to do is see if there are any bugs. I have stopped and started the connection several time and each time I received a static IP address which is the one I want to use, I am sure that it will be just a matter of time before that address will be blocked. But until then, I will enjoy my new found freedom.

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