PIA deactivated on cell phone - ZERO tech support

Perhaps someone on this forum could help resolve PIA's problem?

PIA deactivated on my Android cell phone. I can not use the product I paid for. I uninstalled and reinstalled on Samsung S5. The problem remained.

The error message states approximately: your account has been deactivated.

I paid for a year in April 23, 2017. PIA is working ok on my workstation.

By the way, over the past several weeks I have submitted over six tickets to support on this issue. (Actually, the only related departments the support form allows me to select are General and Feedback, which implies that product support has been discontinued for paying customers.)

Not a single response, other than the autoresponse receipt.

I'm now wondering if I got suckered into purchasing vaporware. NOT a happy customer.



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    Hi Fredo7,

    I'm very sorry for the trouble! I'll take a look at this on our end, see what's going on and reach out to you so that we can help sort this out.

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    While doaks is doing that, I am sure you have done this but just in case you didn't, clear the data by going to the app and using the Clear Data and Clear Cache. At least that is what I would try if you haven't done so already. Also, I would reboot the phone. When I worked in a photo center customers would have issues connecting their smart phones to our system. The fix was to reboot and that would clear out any "stuck" data or pieces of apps that did not clear on close. Just some suggestions.
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    Daniel O. sent me an email on May 13 saying that he would change my application password in order to reestablish VPN credentials. I replied that that would be acceptable.

    NO RESPONSE from Daniel O.

    I am getting the impression that PIA has a single support rep who is unable to address issues in a timely and acceptable manner. Is this the case?

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