Torrenting on PIA

Is anyone still torrenting with PIA. Is it still safe to actually torrent with PIA does anybody know.

I am genuinely worried about this and want to get some feed back. I don’t think I have been as hard hit as many of you but I am getting disconnects regular. I have checked my IP Addresses and don’t appear to be leaking DNS Address requests.

At the end of this month I will be leaving and going else were especially because of the lack of customer support and information we have been given as paying customers. Seriously it wouldn't kill PIA Support staff to put out an Announcement.


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    I torrent using uTorrent daily and each and every time a new release is put out. I run PIA in my router along with the socks5 proxy PIA provides. No disconnects EVER. I have been a customer of PIA for many years and am not going anywhere. You can always check your torrent ip and mine is NEVER my actual IP.
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    You can put on the killswitch if you want

    The proxy isn't teh same service as the VPN, and while it works it will limit your speed. I'm capped at 6.5 mBps download on the proxy in the midwestern US

    I can max out most of my 150mbps connection without the proxy
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    I use both the proxy and the VPN. Can never be too safe. It's plenty fast enough for me.
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    To be honest, I also did not know what I should look into when I decided to buy a torrent VPN. I did not know what are the advanced features that will help me to stay safe and anonymous. After some research and helpful blogs about VPN for Torrenting , I finally made my decision and bought PIA VPN.

    You need to do two things, first turn on the kill switch so that your IP is not exposed if anyhow you do torrenting without VPN connected,
    Secondly, avoid the US servers as much as you can. I don't care if Trump says it is safe to use USA servers for torrenting.
    Look out for the DNS and IPv6 leak protection alright?
    Hope you will be assured now.
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    muminur said:
    Secondly, avoid the US servers as much as you can. I don't care if Trump says it is safe to use USA servers for torrenting.
    You had better explain and have a good explanation else you will treated like a troll. US servers are VERY reliable. The problem is not the US Servers it is the people who think a VPN is a cure-all for all their woes on the internet. If you don't know what your are really doing, don't do it. Plain and simple.
  • I got an Infringement letter after downloading a popular show torrent while using both the VPN and the Proxy. How is that even possible? I was also using Peerblock with updated block lists from Iblocklist. Client is Deluge. I have killswitch and IPv6 leak protection turned on, Was also using a foreign server...
  • Torrenting on PIA  is not tht tough. Just make sure to use some fine VPN's. You can not spam it, you are getting tracked. I remember when i was researching some anime sites. so i got that problem.
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