No Response from Support - Paid but No Account Details

I opened a new account paid for a 12 month term but I didn't receive an email with the account details. I submitted a support ticket but haven't received a reply.
It looks like this company just takes people's money and doesn't supply the service that has been paid for.

to cancel automatic payments you have to log in to your account so if they haven't emailed your new account details you won't be able to cancel.

I will have to contact PayPal to claim my money back. What a terrible service.

If anyone is looking to use this company I would be very careful.


  • i clicked on sign up and it took me to payment option, i completed the transaction using paypal and then it did not ask for any details to register, How do i get my user name and password? ticket number 347500 i sent a request yesterday and no response ticket number 346580 can someone please respond as i am not getting a good feeling for customer support atm.
    Don't go with this company, they take your money and dont give you the account details so that you can use the service
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    I have given up waiting and started a reclaim through PayPal. I would recommend anyone who has paid and not received the service do the same.

    if they get enough reclaims maybe they will get off their backsides and do something about their shocking support and lack of communication
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    So I finally got a reply from support staff and they are asking me to provide the account details I received by email. That would be the email I never received that I requested support for. Geez these guys are a piece of work!

    Christine L. (Private Internet Access)

    May 22, 13:37 PDT 

    Hello Chris,

    I'm sorry to hear you feel the need to terminate your account. If you're experiencing issues with your service, we would love the opportunity to help resolve them with you. Rest assured we would still honor your refund request if a solution cannot be found.

    However, if you are not interested in further troubleshooting, in order to proceed with a refund, we'll need to verify your account, for security reasons. Please provide us the 7 digit PIA Order Number that you received in your payment confirmation email from PIA. (Note: this is NOT the same as the 7 digits following the letter "p" from your PIA username.)

    Once we receive this, we can proceed with your request.


    Christine L.
    Customer Support Agent
    Private Internet Access

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