Relogging case 5th as PIA support ZERO response for same case 2+ weeks: error msg on app login

If you're a user and reading this consider aborting from getting PIA as a product (new or renewal) because after two weeks, five cases and two discussions there is zero progress, I can confirm their support is non-existing. Can't recall such horrible support in the last decade, it's that good.

But am stuck with them for the next 6 months as bought he product so re-logging the case. So: PIA showing error message when trying to log from Samsung S3 on app and nothing works including uninstall etc. The only response from support a week ago was to say 'sorry lets try a password reset' then they disappeared again. So Support (if you actually exist and someone is working there!) can you pick up this up for the love of god.

On this forum case open from May 15th by User9536. On support cases following list of cases opened and no follow-up all on same issue: 334757, 338422, 340466, 345986 and now 349738.


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    Hi @User9536 - I'm so sorry for our delayed reply. I've checked in on your tickets and sent a response. I've also directed all responses to my work email, so I can ensure your issue gets resolved quickly.

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