PIA Mace and OpenVPN


I can't find any documentation about PIA MACE and OpenVPN. How do you enable PIA mace in the OpenVPN configuration file?


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    According to a post I read, in order to use PIA MACE you have to use a PIA DNS server. Using the PIA Manager does that for you.

    To use a specific DNS Server in Open VPN, you have to add this line to your config file:

    dhcp-option DNS [server ip or name]

    Again, according to posts that I have read, I believe that these two IP address are owned by PIA Primary Alternate
    So the line in your config file should read:

    dhcp-option DNS

    I cannot guaranty that this will work. You will have to try at your own risk. If it does not work then you can try entering the two IP addresses into your router, or to your Network Interface on your computer.

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    Thanks! I will give this a shot and see if it works.
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    Run this and I found it a little problematic. Couldn't get it to work. Can you check what's the issue?
  • Hi,

    It's been a few months since I've posted this. Does anyone have an updated solution on how to enable PIA Mace with the open vpn configuration files? Or is this only supported in the PIA App? Thanks.
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    i think you have to use the PIA manager app to use MACE. Its not just a matter of using a specific PIA DNS, there seems to be more to it that is encompassed in the PIA app.
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    I also am concerned about the question.
    I have checked that regardless the fact that you add
    dhcp-option DNS
    to the config file, resolvconf always changes the dns of dnsmasq to
    which are PIA's DNSs.
    Moreover, if you use PIA manager to connect, again DNS are changed to the ones listed above.

    So, as to DNSs, there is no difference with regard to the way you connect to PIA,
    be it PIA manager or openvpn.
    All in all, it looks like MACE is not something which reduces to DNS query but il looks
    like there is something else going on behind the scene.

    At this point, it would be nice to have an explanation from PIA staff about
    1) how really MACE works
    2) how to implement it using openvpn.

    If they do not want to answer to 1), it would be nice at least to answer at 2) because in
    some cases openvpn is really the only way to go (for example when you use a pc which
    is only managed remotely, like is my raspberry pi, or if you connect to PIA a
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