Seeding Issues

My ISP, Spectrum, is a know traffic shaper.  I thought joining PIA would solve the "no seeding" problem I was having. However, that does not seem to be the case. Should I be able to seed? If so, what do I need to do?

My set up: PIA w/port forward Toranto, Vuze, Mac, Spectrum UBEE router/modem combo.

I've been messing with the setup in Vuze nonstop for the past 2 days (using SOCKS gave me tcp refusal errors), but I can't get anything to work. I don't think its a Vuze issue. 

I apologize if this has been covered at length, but I couldn't find a specific answer to my question.



  • Hmmm. After digging I think it might be the router/modem combo.  I'll try to hook up my own router and only use the modem in the Spectrum combo.  I'll let the forum know how it works.

    If that fails it's time to cancel.  I requested help several days ago and still no response.  The customer support seems to be lacking with PIA.

    I have a couple days left of trial period if anyone can shine some light ion the issue.  

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